My Wish List for next PS3 Updates

PS3 is not just a typical game console. I picked one up not too long ago from an advice of a video enthusiast. Like me, he is not much of a gamer and was frustrated with playback issues from these so called dedicated Blu-Ray players. I never thought PS3 has replaced the standalone and remained in my components shelf for Blu-Ray playback but it did.

I recently added another flagship HD-DVD player to compliment the HI-Def set up. The quality is fine but It reminds me how much I appreciate the superiority of PS3 handling problematic Hi-def media. Loading and booting is super fast, basic control is as responsive as legacy DVD player. It makes me think, why can't they make standalone hardware better than a game console?

Despite the short fall in gaming arena, Sony did well with PS3 as a Hi-Def media. Statically, it's the best selling Hi-Def player, loaded with future proof powerful cells and gets updated consistently than any Hi-Def player out there. Ps3 has successes in bringing a non-gamer like me purchasing not one but two ps3 games so far; the same reason I believe it will draw the hardcore gamer to persuade Blu-Ray media. Here's my PS3 wish list as a Blu-Ray player. Santa, please bring me DTS-MA decoding, profile 2.0, built in full Video Calibration patterns with 709 color space and bring back the transport stream support. What's yours?