My First CES, & Why I'm Scared Out of my Mind

Despite the fact that I've been writing about technology for a while now, I consider today a big day for me. Actually, I consider today a day that will be one that I remember for the rest of my life. Sorry for beating around the bush, but I imagine that the title of this column probably gave it away: this is my first visit to Las Vegas while the Consumer Electronics Show is in town. Why is today such a big day? Because today's the day I'm taking my flight to Vegas, and teaming up with the rest of the SlashGear and Android Community crew, where we're going to run around with a chaotic purpose to do just one thing: bring you images, stories, and videos of what's happening at this year's show. But, while we're doing that, here's the truth: I'm going to be scared out of my mind.

I'm already scared, and my flight isn't for another few hours. I've been reading all of the stories, the predictions, the hints and guesses about what's to come at this year's show. I've got a few assumptions of my own about what's going to be unveiled, and about how things are going to go about, but the truth is, nothing I can do on my own is going to prepare me for what's about to happen. The next several days are going to be some of the most chaotic, disruptive, stressful, but ultimately memorable that I can imagine, and I'm looking forward to them like I was a small child waiting for Christmas day.

That's probably a good correlation between events. A lot of people believe that these shows are much like Christmas, where we get to see all of the brand new toys heading to the market some time in the future. I can see that. And that's probably why I'm so nervous. Because this isn't just a few presents under the tree. This is huge. This is several hundred toys, but instead of being under a tree, they're in booths. There's going to be showing them off, and other people taking photos, or video, and asking question after question. And I'm going to be in all of it, moving from one booth to the next, talking to the people showing off the products, playing with the products, and then writing it all down to tell you about it. To tell you about the toys. About the events.

And thinking about it just terrifies me even more. But, truth be told, it is what it is. This is one event in 2011 that may go down in history as the show for tablets, or 3D, or the sweep of 4G devices. Whatever the takeaway is, I'm going to be right there, figuring out how it all makes sense in this crazy world. And no matter what, it's going to be something that keeps me on my toes the whole time. Exercise, all the while getting to play with some of the greatest things to hit the market since sliced bread. It doesn't get any better than that, now does it?

And what's better, is the fact that I get to meet the people that I work with every day, face-to-face. Finally. We're brought together by this event, and what's a better way to get a bunch of people who love technology, and who love to write about it, then an event like CES 2011? And despite the fact that I may be terrified of the next few days, it boils down to telling all of you about what's coming, and showing you all the great things that you'll definitely be excited about for the next couple of weeks, or months. Maybe you'll find the next gadget you want so badly, that you mark its release date on your schedule. That's what it's all about.

So even if I'm scared out of my mind, I can't wait to tackle it, and get it done. So, wish me luck. Here's to my first CES.