MWC 2012 public transport strike addressed by GSMA

If you're one of the thousands of press and public heading to the Mobile World Congress 2012 event at the end of the month here in February, you may have heard of the planned Public Transport strikes that will be taking place. Today the folks at GSMA Mobile World Congress have released a statement assuring soon to be attending ladies and gentlemen that negotiations are currently taking place between government officials from the City of Barcelona, Catalonia Regional Government, Spanish Ministry of Industry, the Fira and the various police authorities as well as the GSMA senior executives themselves. These negotiations will, they hope, be resolved before the dates of the event: February 27th through the 1st of March.

The GSMA have also stated that should the parties not reach an agreement in time, "comprehensive contingency plans" are ready to go for all participants of Mobile World Congress, allowing them all "unfettered" access to and from the Fira the entirety of all day of the event. The Barcelona government has reached out to the GSMA to assure them that they and Mobile World Congress attendees will not be affected during the events and that all participants will be able to arrive as well as depart the events completely safely and without disruption from the strikes.

We'll certainly be watching this situation closely as we've got several parties headed to the Barcelona events, and certainly don't want to be stopped from bringing you the reader all the greatest coverage on earth of the newest and most fabulous devices released in the mobile realm thus far. John Hoffman of the GSMA Mobile World Congress board has assured the entirety of the convention not to worry, and we sincerely hope he's right. Seeya then – follow us around the event with our [MWC 2012 portal] – check it out now for all the rumors and tips heading into the events!