Mustel Shows Off New Digital Picture Frame With Changable Faceplates

It seems these days that everyone wants to be able to customize everything. The iPod is a perfect example, as there are more cases and accessories that anyone ever thought possible. If you're one of those people that doesn't like to stare at the same thing all the time, here's a cool picture frame for you.

The new Mustel PF-A1020BC digital photo frame will satisfy your need for change. First, it's a digital picture frame, so the picture displayed can change easily. You also get silver, frosted white and mahogany faceplates to make sure you're never bored with your frame.

You'll be able to load pictures via a USB key and memory card reader and see your pictures at resolution of 720 x 430. You can pick one up this summer for $199.

Mustel PF-A1020BC Digital Photo Frame Sports Interchangeable Faceplates [via chipchick]