Music Wrap 'Headphones' Are Bendy, Double As Speakers

Earbuds and headphones, despite their differences, are all largely the same. That can't be said for Music Wrap, though, a pair of wireless Bluetooth 'headphones' that are bendable and waterproof, and only vaguely similar to what we've come to understand headphones as being. Says the maker, Music Wrap is the most "versatile listening experience" available and suitable for everyday life.

As you can see in the video below, Music Wrap is transformable, able to be twisted and wrapped like a Gumby toy. The headphones, though that's not quite the right word for them, have an IPX5 water resistance rating for use in, for example, rain. They're used a little differently than normal headphones, though, wrapping around one's neck instead of going in the ears like earbuds.

Says the headphones' maker, "The customized shape of the speakers are designed to directly transmit sound to the user," as shown in the image below. This is said to be better for one's hearing in the long term than using earbuds. Connectivity is over Bluetooth 4.0, and there's an integrated microphone.

Music Wrap is seeking funding for the product on Kickstarter, where it has raised about $3k of its $20,000 USD goal. There are 29 days remaining in the campaign; those interested can get the early bird special for $35 USD, which is lower than the planned $69 USD price tag. The product is estimated to ship to backers this upcoming July, and includes a charging cable, transforming holder, and M25 Music Wrap model.

SOURCE: Kickstarter