Music video service Vevo is developing a paid subscription plan

Vevo, the company that seems to publish just about every music video on YouTube these days, in addition to offering its own video apps on mobile, has revealed that its working on a paid subscription plan for its service. Vevo's apps today on iOS, Android, and Apple TV all rely on viewers watching ad-supported content. But with YouTube diving into paid services, including YouTube Red and YouTube Music, Vevo's is looking to do the same.

Erik Huggers, CEO of Vevo, spoke at Re/code's Code/Media conference this week, where he commented that they are planning for a subscription service to exist alongside the ad-supported viewing option. No solid details were revealed about a launch timeframe, or possible pricing, however.

Huggers noted that it just about the entire streaming industry seems to be moving towards subscription models. It's likely that Vevo wants to keep up with the trend, lest its ad-supported option begin to turn away content providers.

Where Vevo is really going to have its work cut out is in making itself valuable to users when they already have YouTube Red as an option. In its current form, Vevo focuses on music videos almost exclusively, whereas YouTube Red subscribers get to enjoy every video on the service without ads. There's also the possibility of getting original and exclusive content, but unless they can offer users something really good, it's likely to turn into another Tidal vs Spotify/Apple Music situation.

SOURCE Re/code