Mushrooms recalled across US over risky contamination issue

A new recall covers certain packages of enoki mushrooms, the long, slim variety of mushrooms typically found in ramen and sauteed foods. The reason for the recall, which was recently published by the FDA, is potential contamination with a foodborne pathogen called Listeria that may result in fatal illnesses in vulnerable groups.

This latest mushroom recall comes from Guan's Mushrooms Co and it covers all of the company's 7.05oz (200g) containers of enoki mushrooms, which originated from China. The recalled products were distributed to stores across the US, according to the advisory, and were packaged in clear plastic containers.

The packaging features the Guan's logo, as well as 'Enoki Mushrooms' written in English, Korean, and French. The company explains the potential Listeria contamination was discovered during routine testing; it hasn't received any reports of illnesses related to the product, however.

The company has stopped distributing the enoki mushroom product and encourages consumers who have purchased them to return the items to the store for a refund. The recall notice includes the UPC and product codes for the packages covered by this recall, including descriptions of where to find them.

Though most healthy adults recover from listeria infections after a short, uncomfortable illness, the pathogen can be severe and possibly fatal in vulnerable groups, including young kids and the elderly, as well as people with compromised immune systems. As well, the illness may cause stillbirth or miscarriage in pregnant women.