Muscle Koushinkyoko: perhaps the best game demo video ever made

Rarely do I have so much difficulty picking a screenshot from a video as I have with upcoming WiiWare game Muscle Koushinkyoko.  Headed to the Japanese version of the download store, the game – the title of which translates to "Muscle March" – seems to involve running bodybuilders through buildings to rack up points.Utterly bizarre video after the cut

Of course, that brief synopsis doesn't take into account the cut-away dancing scenes, the introduction of pandas and random floating sheep.  That's before you get into customization, the different avatars and voiceovers shouting what sounds like "naughty naughty naughty!" and "nice butt!"

Japanese gamers will be able to buy Muscle Koushinkyoko from May 28th, for 800 Wii Points.  Up to four people can play at once, leaving plenty of room in your lounge for spectators to splash you with baby oil, twang your bikini strings and dance like they've never danced before.