Munitio Teknine Earphones are Coated in Titanium, Available Now

Evan Selleck - Oct 5, 2010
Munitio Teknine Earphones are Coated in Titanium, Available Now

As far as headphones go, there’s certainly a lot of diversity. But, for the most part the overall design is generally the same. If you’re a fan of color, there’s options; and if you’ve got money to spend, there’s certainly a pair of headphones out there for you. But, if you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg, but you’re also not a fan of over-the-ear variations, then perhaps the Teknine Earphones from Munitio will suit your needs.

As far as features go, Munitio didn’t skimp just because of the small stature of the ‘phones. The in-ear buds are made of a high-density copper alloy, and are coated in Titanium. There’s a 9mm neodymium driver inserted inside, making sure the sound quality is top-notch. And, as you can tell, they look like the spent shell from a 9mm bullet.

The Teknine Earphones are available in three color options: Titanium, Deep Gold, and 18K Plated Gold. You can pick up the two “standard” colors for $159.00, but if you want the 18K Plated Gold option, that will cost you $250. If these look like your next headphones, then you can head on over to Munitio’s website and get your order on.

[via GearDiary]

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