Multitouch Slate PC demo from Stantum [Video]

Paul Fang - Jan 20, 2010
Multitouch Slate PC demo from Stantum [Video]

Engadget’s got their hands on a Slate PC prototype from Stantum, which comes from a “hacked-up Dell mini 10”.  The 10-inches of prime real estate features Stantum’s multitouch, ultra-sensitive and pressure-simulating resistive touchscreen technology.

The slate PC runs stock Windows 7, nothing spectacular, but is noted to be physically comfortable to hold and relatively light.  The video does not that Stantum may not have picked the best of parts, as the display had some pixilation problems that is not usually noticed on Dell mini 10 screens.

Engadget notes that “Outside of the lightest of swipes that capacitive is well known for supporting, this is basically the perfect touchscreen experience. 10-finger multitouch, sensing and processing of multi-finger gestures, and simulated pressure sensitivity based on how much of a finger has been pressed down: all of these work brilliantly.”  Something like this only gears us up in even more anticipation for new and improved slate technology in the near future – some think Jan 27th, to be exact.  All eyes on you, Jobs and Co.

Slate PC Demo VIDEO

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