Multimedia Remote Watch Tells Time And Changes The Channel

Back in the good old days if people wanted to remember something they tied a string around their finger to help them. I think that's where the Multimedia Remote Watch got its inspiration. Sure, now you remember to feed the dog but do you remember where you left the TV remote when you got up to do it? Now you don't have to remember because it's always with you.

This watch does it all and by all I mean the only two things your average male needs: know what time it is and control whatever device he needs controlling at that moment. It has 19 good sized buttons that help you control your TV, VCR, DVD and even turn those items on and off. It has a calculator and calendar too incase you're multi-tasking the bills into your show time.

It has a 3-5 meter range and operates within 30 degrees. You can buy one for about $22 which isn't a horrible price for a watch, especially one with those features.

[via coolest-gadgets]