Multimedia and mobile blogging app

Michael Goldstein - Sep 18, 2006, 10:54am CDT
Multimedia and mobile blogging app

Taking advantage of the capacity and capability of expanding 3G networks, the WALKMAN phones also boast video conferencing capabilities, streaming video applications, GPS Bluetooth navigational capabilities, and hundreds of incredible JAVA 3D games titles that will keep users busy indefinitely.

Additionally, for the blogger happy mobile user, WALKMAN phones come pre-loaded with SHOZU’s image sharing service that enables end-users to quickly transmit camera phone videos and photos, at a high resolution, to many popular Internet blogging platforms, personal blog sites and citizen photojournalism sites, without suspending phone calls or other phone activities while the image is transferring, or having to start over if the connection is dropped. The service also enables users to add descriptions and tags either before or after uploading, and receive and reply to online comments posted at the destination sites without waiting to get to their computers.

Until Apple introduces its own branded iPhone, consumers will be hard pressed to find as good a cellular based music device. Until then, for more on iTunes compatible phones

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