Multi-part FF7 Remake teased, original launches on PS4

Last June, Square Enix and Sony made almost every gamer's fantasy come true when the two announced that one of the most beloved Japanese RPG titles in one of the most beloved Japanese RPG franchises will finally be getting a do-over, including a long awaited visual makeover. Now half a year later, the two are once again teasing the crowd with actual in-game footage and gameplay of the Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS4, complete with obligatory eyecandy. That said, some hardcore fans might end up not liking some of the game design directions that the remake is taking the beloved classic.

Given the Final Fantasy Advent Children full-length film, there was perhaps some expectations that the remake would look a lot more like that. While there might be some resemblances, Square Enix made it clear early on that there would also be more differences. That's quite clear with this trailer, showing a different look for both Barret and Cloud. Of course, one could argue that this takes places years before Advent Children, so an almost lanky looking Cloud might be justifiable.

What some fans might find harder to swallow is the change in battle gameplay. Like the previous Final Fantasy titles before it, FF7 employed a turn-based battle mechanic that had a dash of real-time element through the ATB or Active Time Battle system. In the FF7 remake, Square Enix has shifted to an even more real-time action combat system which is more the trend these days. Game director Yoshinori Kitase, however, promises that it's not completely action or twitch based and that some elements, like being able to strategically choose your weapons, will remain in the remake.

Final Fantasy VII took the JRPG world, and the gaming world at large, by storm not just because of its revolutionary new 3D appearance but also because of the depth of its story and characters. The remake might offer some new stylistic and even gameplay changes, but the pillars of the game should remain the same if it is to have the same impact. That said, Square Enix is saying that there would be some modifications to the story. Perhaps to the point that they are planning to release the Remake as a multi-part series. The original PS game came in three discs but were available all at once. It seems some people want to squeeze out every last drop from gamers.

And to prepare this generation's gamers for the remake, Sony has just launched the original Final Fantasy VII on the PS4 in all its blocky 3D glory. For an entire week, it will be 30% off its retail price, which returns to $15.99 on December 13.

SOURCE: Sony, Square Enix