Multi Feature Earpiece Covers All the Bases in One Small Design

As far as design concepts, the line between out-right science fiction and "eventual goal" is a pretty vague one. As we've seen in the past, especially with things like a Universal Translator, the idea may be great and the concept images may be aesthetically pleasing, but something immediately tells you that this gadget isn't coming any time soon. The Multi Feature Earpiece is one such gadget that, while it's a great idea in concept, we probably shouldn't get too excited about it right now. We'll try, anyway.

Conceptualized by industrial designer Hendra Sonata, the Multi Feature Earpiece is designed specifically for those who feel like they can call themselves the ultimate multitasker. Combining a plethora of features, it's all meant to sit within a tiny earpiece that anyone would be happy wearing, even if they aren't a fan of Bluetooth headsets. Features would include cash card chip, GPS functionality, working MP3 player, as well as satellite connectivity. It would also provide the wearer with a personal concierge service.

The earpiece is meant to fulfill the needs of multiple users' individual needs right on the fly, without having to dig into a ton of different things to find something you need. The designer also intends the unit to be marketed for teenagers, all the way up to middle-aged adults. It looks sophisticated and "techy" enough to catch the eye of both crowds, we imagine. Unfortunately, there's no mention of any Bluetooth connectivity, and that just seems strange.

[via The Design Blog]