Mulch paper the rodent-way

Since a rather unpleasant incident back when I was eight involving the tip of my finger and our class gerbil, small furry rodents haven't been my favourite company.  Still, if you told me they could not only ensure my privacy but save me on my electricity bill, the paranoid miser in me might still prick up his ears.  Tom Ballhatchet, whose delicious name is equalled only by his artistic talent, has come up with a way to put the fluffy little swines to work for us, their human overlords, in the shape of this hamster-powered shredder.

An idea so simple you wonder why it hasn't already been patented, Tom's eco-statement-stripper is powered by a simple linkage from running wheel to grinding teeth.  Crave cast the cold mucus of doubt onto the whole enterprise, wondering why you wouldn't just drop your old credit card bills into the cage and wait for the teeth of the vermin to gnaw through them.  Well, if you're truly paranoid, surely you'd be worried that your furry friend might copy down the number and charge a new, liquor-filled water-bottle to your credit card?

Tom Ballhatchet [via Crave]