Mugen Power offers new 1800 mAh extended battery for Lumia 820

Shane McGlaun - Jan 30, 2013
Mugen Power offers new 1800 mAh extended battery for Lumia 820

If you’re the owner of the Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone that is desperate to get additional runtime from your device, you might like this new extended battery from Mugen. I say you might like this new extended battery, because the stock battery offers 1650 mAh of power while this extended battery offers 1800 mAh. That’s not exactly a huge amount of extra runtime.

Mugen Power, the company behind this extended battery says that that will give you an additional 9% battery life compared to the factory battery. The good news is that this extended power battery is apparently no thicker than the factory battery. The company says that the new battery is fully compatible with the Lumia 820 and fits “well” inside the smartphone.

What that means in a nutshell is that unlike some massive capacity batteries the company offers, this one needs no fat battery door and the phone gets no thicker. The battery has been tested to ensure high quality and it is compliant with CE requirements. That should mean its safe and won’t burst into flames in your pocket.

The battery is available right now in the United States for $44.95. The model number for the battery is HLI-BP5TSL and the battery is a lithium-ion unit. The real question is are you willing to pay $45 for 9% more runtime?

[via Mugen Power]

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