Mugen offers 6400 mAh Galaxy Note 2 battery

If you use a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you have probably wished the battery would last longer at some point. Mugen Power has announced a new high-capacity battery specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The battery offers more than twice the power capacity of the standard battery.

The battery is available to purchase right now and uses lithium-ion technology. Mugen promises that the 6400 mAh battery delivers 2.06 times more power than the standard 3100 mAh battery. That much power should virtually double the length of time you can use the Galaxy Note 2.

The battery pack is compatible with the Galaxy Note 2 on any carrier and is available in two colors. The larger battery can be had in gray or white colors to match the color of the smartphone. Mugen lists both battery colors as being available to ship on December 21.

The battery sells for $98.95 and can be ordered now. The biggest downside to using a larger capacity battery such as this is additional bulk. The Galaxy Note 2 is already a bulky device, and this fat battery and the included replacement battery door will add to that bulk.