Mu One: the only international, multi-device charger you need

The proliferation of mobile devices means one thing: you will have more things to charge. At home, that might not be a problem. But on the go, and not only will you find yourself in a tangle of different cables but also lost in half a dozen chargers. Enter the Mu One, a charger that proves that, sometimes, one size does fits all. The Mu One's small and thin form belies its ability to work in almost any country and charge any device. Yes, including that power-hungry laptop.

The Mu One is a traveler's dream come true. Unless that dream involves charging multiple devices at the same time. That's still an engineering puzzle to be solved, but for certain use cases, the Mu One makes the impossible possible.

First impossibility: a charger that can charge anything. Most smartphone or even tablet chargers are too low to power up a laptop. On the other hand, a laptop charger can be overkill for mobile devices. So while standards like USB-C try to simplify ports and cables, it doesn't completely reduce the number of chargers you need.

Because of its unassuming size, you might be surprised to find out that the Mu One is actually a 45 watt charger. It won't, however, burn your phone to a crisp thanks to a combination of three things, namely the USB Power Delivery standard, Gallium Nitride (GaN) power efficiency, and an auto-detect chip that adjust the output depending on what's on the other end.

The other, other end, however, is the Mu One's second trick. It's a charger that can plug into any socket in the world without the use of an adapter. OK, actually it's a bit of a cheat because you do have to switch plug heads. The magical part is that the heads are designed to be as slim as the charger itself, which is pretty amusing when you see how the Type G plug folds and unfolds.

The need for such a slim, powerful, multi-device, international charger seems to be so great that Mu One's Kickstarter campaign raised three times its funding goal just days after it launched. An early bird pledge of 39 GBP ($54) is enough to get you one magical charger.

VIA: Kickstarter