Mtron SSD’s Reach Record Speeds

James Allan Brady - Jul 26, 2007
Mtron SSD’s Reach Record Speeds

Up until now, solid state drives had two major downsides, price (astronomical) and a poor cost to performance ratio. The extra money, in most cases, didn’t yield the higher performance, until recently.

The upsides of the drives have been quite clear, to those on the move and in the field the drives have been a blessing, they removed the moving parts of disc drives meaning that they didn’t have to worry about head crashes when they dropped or bumped there laptops, and for those on the go it meant less heat and more battery life. Now, thanks to Mtron’s MSD-S2516 there is an SSD drive for those looking for the performance benefits.

You’ll see from the tables that in a majority of the tests the SSD drive beats some of the fastest hard disc drives out right now. The bolded numbers all represent the best metrics recorded for each test. Some of them show a considerable difference in performance, which is good news, now if we could just get the price down.


Apparently they are available now, ranging in sizes from 16 to 64 gigs and a 128 gigabyte model is on its way for `08. The price will make you cry, $1k for the low-end 16GB one and $3k for the 64GB one. That puts the price per gig at around $50, as opposed to the $.50 for a gig of HDD space.

Mtron’s Latest Solid State Drives the Fastest Ever Tested [via Gizmodo]

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