MSI Wind U115 Hybrid gets unboxed, broken down

MSI's Wind U115 Hybrid has already won netbook kudos with its whopping 13hr runtime from a single battery charge, but until now we've not seen it unboxed.  UMPC Fever do the honors, but where most of us put away the scissors once the packaging is done with, they get out the screwdriver and strip the Wind U115 down to its Hybrid Storage.Unboxing gallery after the cut

In this particular case the Hybrid Storage is a combination of a 160GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue hard-drive and 8GB of flash memory that sits next to the 1GB of RAM.  The flash storage hooks up via a ZIF connector.

What makes the U115 Hybrid special – and helps achieve those long, long runtimes – is that the user can selectably switch off the hard-drive and solely use the flash storage.  Both 120GB and 160GB hard-drives are available, and either 8GB or 16GB of flash.