MSI unveils new AMD R7950 video cards

MSI has unveiled three new video cards that all use the AMD R7950 GPU inside. One of the three new cards also use the special MSI Twin Frozr cooling solution to help the GPU run up to 10°C cooler while producing 13.7 dB less noise than traditional cooling systems. Improved cooling allows for more overclocking potential.

In fact, MSI claims that you get 37.5% higher overclocks using its special cooling solution. The card uses the special cooling solution is called the R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC. The other two graphics cards use traditional cooling systems and are called the R7970-2PMD3GD5/OC and the R7950-2PMD3GD5/OC. The cards all use similar hardware components.

The components used on the Twin Frozr video card are military class III for performance and stability. The components also passed military standard 810G. The line uses Hi-c capacitors with eight times the lifespan of solid-state capacitors. These cards should be good for people that like to overclock.