MSI Tablet with Built-In Projector is Just a Prototype

Not too long ago, it looked like projectors were picking up speed and heading into the mainstream market. They were even being built into phones. But then that phase seemed to get passed over relatively quickly. One market that seems to have shied away from the projector, is the tablet market. To some, a projector and a tablet would make the perfect bed fellows. MSI apparently agrees with those folks, and have created a prototype device that, at least right now, runs Windows 7 and is powered by Intel.

The tablet itself features a 10-inch touchscreen display. The projector, though, sits in a rotating section on the "top" of the tablet. It's able to rotate backwards and forwards, so that the owner can project an image from the tablet onto a wall behind the tablet, or right in front of it. As mentioned above, Windows 7 is coming initially on the device, but MSI was up-front about their aspirations of bringing Android to the device, with an ARM-based architecture under the hood.

The device is just a prototype, and MSI has their feelers out, trying to find a good market for the tablet device. Entertainment on the go, or for on-the-move business workers who need to hold presentations in several different locations would probably be a good fit for this device. As for a projected release date, MSI doesn't have one. Nor is there any word on what a tablet with a built-in projector would cost from MSI.

[via Electronista]