MSI R4600 HDMI series: 1080p plus surround sound

MSI have announced a new video card range, the R4600 HDMI series, which as the name would suggest all support native HDMI.  The MSI R4600 HDMI cards output full 1080 high-definition together with 7.1 surround sound, as well as supporting Unified Video Decoder 2.0 to offset digital decoding from the main system CPU.


MSI is positioning the R4600 HDMI series as ideal for media center PCs, requiring only 75W of power and no separate PCI-E 12v power supply.  They should be quiet, too, using solid state chokes which prevent high electrical frequencies that can cause background buzzing.

Most of the cards use fan cooling, but the MSI R4650-MD512Z has a silent heat-pipe system.  No word on pricing, but expect them to take up in the mid-range market.

Press Release:

HDMI support across the whole series, MSI's R4600 HDMI series slips into the market

Want to create a Home Theater PC (HTPC) that supports the most popular interface – HDMI? Want to watch Blu-ray discs at full HD 1080p? Global graphics cards and motherboards brand-manufacturer, MSI International, announces the all new R4600 HDMI series of graphics cards1. As the name implies, this card has native HDMI output, as well as digital 7.1 sound channels, plus solid state and high quality Hi-c capacitors for more stable performance. With this card your Blu-ray discs run lag-free so you can enjoy the beauty of hi-def visuals and sound for a performance you can be proud of. If you are looking to make a home theater PC, the MSI's R4600 HDMI series is your graphics card of choice.

Complete HDMI output for the whole series

MSI's R4600 HDMI's entire series has native HDMI output to allow direct connection of your pc with hi-def TVs, monitors and projectors. Supporting full HD at a resolution of 1920x1080, this card presents beautiful colors and imagery. The 7.1 sound channels makes a fantastic base for setting up a total family entertainment system with total surround sound – just like a movie theater! The R4600 HDMI series also supports Unified Video Decoder (UVD) 2.0, so that the CPU is not decoding the entire digital stream itself, which helps lessen the amount of electricity used by the CPU and prevents lag. In this way, the card also helps to cut down energy use and does its part to help protect the environment.

Even better quality: Hi-c Cap

MSI's R4600 HDMI series implements the next level of high-performing capacitors, Hi-c capacitors. Performing even better than the already high-quality solid capacitors, Hi-c capacitors have twice the life-span of their long-lived predecessors at the same temperature. This trait not only creates an even more stable environment for the GPU, but also lengthens the whole life of the card.

SSC (Solid State Choke)

The MSI R4600 HDMI series power connector module uses the latest solid state chokes (SSC), something rarely seen on cards at this level. SSC's not only help to extend the life of the card and increase stability, they also help prevent high electrical frequencies from creating a buzz noise. For those who insist on maintaining a strict inner zen of peace and serenity, this is the perfect feature.

Slight size, Power-saving, Low-temp, Multimedia system VGA card – the number one choice

Aside from full series HDMI support, Hi-c capacitors, and SSC design, the MSI R4600 HDMI series keeps its total power use to a maximum of 75W and does not require an extra PCI-E 12v power supply. It is made to fit almost any PSU – including those with low-wattage power supplies. Additionally, the series equips a high-performance cooling pipe system with a slim design that won't infringe on other PCI-E/PCI space2. Small and powerful, the cooling system's design ensures silent operation, while keeping the card cool so the user only hears what he/she wants. MSI's R4600 HDMI series is made especially for multimedia performance, and is the number one choice for those building a media PC system.

*1 MSI R4600 HDMI series includes R4670-MD1G/512, R4650-MD1G/512/512Z.

*2 MSI R4650-MD512Z is supported only.