MSI offers new N570GTX and N580GTX Twin Frozr II video cards

MSI is showing off a couple new video cards that have a unique MSI Twin Frozr II cooling system onboard. The cooling solution has dual fans to keep the GPU and RAM on the video card running cool, but the solution is quiet too. The cooling solution has a reduction in noise compared to the reference cooler design of 8.4dB.

Less noise is nice, but the gamer or enthusiast wants more performance and the cooling solution also claims to cool the card by up to 20-degrees more than other cooling solutions. The video cards using the new cooling solution comes with MSI's Afterburner Overclocking Utility as well.

The utility allows the user to tweak settings within the card to get more performance out of their computer. Using the app GPU frequency and voltage can be tweaked and five different fan profiles can be stored as well to balance the need for performance with noise output. The video cards also use all solid capacitors for more performance.