MSI GX600-08 notebook – hit the turbo!

James Allan Brady - Feb 28, 2008

This notebook seems rather plain and basic, but deep inside it has a hidden feature. There is a turbo button, it doesn’t magically speed up the computer like the turbo buttons of yore, but it does help with your battery life.

You hit the button and you can extend your battery life up to 20%. I am not entirely sure how it accomplishes this trickery but I assume it has a lot to do with throttling the processor, lowering the screen resolution and turning off anything that isn’t actually being used (wireless radios and things of that nature).

Other than that feature, its apparently part of MSI’s gaming notebook line so that 20% might not be much of an addition depending on what kind of heat this thing is packing. More to come at CeBIT, which we’ll be covering, just remember, we do it for you.

[via fareastgizmos]

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