MSI FX400 Features Intel Core i5, Missing a Price Tag

Evan Selleck - Aug 16, 2010
MSI FX400 Features Intel Core i5, Missing a Price Tag

Not a day goes by that a product gets announced, in some capacity or another, but is still missing plenty of the important details. For example, here we have the MSI FX400, the smaller sibling to the previously announced FX600 entertainment juggernaut, which has plenty of its own features to attract customers. However, it is missing that one, crucial tid-bit of information: the price.

But, before we get to that road block, let’s go ahead and discuss what we do know about this guy. Under the hood you’ll find an Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 325M graphics card, and a Turbo Drive Engine. It has a 14-inch LCD display, and the hard drive will hold up to 500GB of your precious data. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, and it even has an HDMI port.

Alas, we are missing that price tag. But, MSI should go ahead and reveal that to the world in short order. What we also don’t know, is where the FX400 is going to be launched. We’re hoping for an international release date, soon, so stay tuned.

[via MobileWhack]

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