MSI debuts N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition video card, claims world's fastest title

Companies that make video cards like to lay claim to the title of world's fastest when they can. AMD and NVIDIA like to do the same thing trading the title back and forth. MSI has unveiled a new video card at Computex 2011 called the N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition. This isn't the first video card from MSI packing in the NVIDIA 580GTX GPU. The N580GTX Twin Frozr II surfaced form MSI back in January. The latest card gets a new fan and sensor design.

MSI claims that the card is the most powerful on the planet and it packs in 3GB of graphics memory and has Propeller Blade fans that use Smart Temp Sensor and Dust Removal technology along with the Twin Frozr III cooling tech. The card is made for the overclocker that wants the most performance with Triple Temp monitoring capability and Power4 Architecture. All that tech adds up to the king of the single GPU cards.

The fans use special coating that turns from blue to white when the temperatures inside the machine exceed 45-degrees. The color change warns the user that the system might be too hot. The dust removal tech spins the fans backwards for 30 seconds to remove dust form the heatsink fins for better cooling. The exact clock speeds of the card are not known at this time. Pricing and availability are also a mystery.