MSI debuts N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II video card

MSI has announced a new video card for its line of Twin Frozr II offerings. The cards all share the same cooling solution that has twin fans and uses heat pipes to keep the GPU and other components on the card cool. The latest card uses the NVIDIA GTX 560 GPU.

MSI is also announced an even more special Golden Edition of the video card, though it offers little details on the specifics of either of the cards. I would expect that the Golden Edition will likely be overclocked to provide more performance compared to the stock N560GTX-Ti card.

Both of the video cards have Military Class II components for long life and robustness. The twin fan thermal design promises to keep the card 20-degrees cooling that normal air-cooled solutions. The new offerings also support GPU overvoltage for overclocking via software. Pricing and a specific release date for both cards is unannounced at this time.