MSI Butterfly and Angelow AIO concepts to land at CES

CES will kick off this week and bring with it lots of new gear for us to look at. CES also tends to have some really cool concepts that turn up at the show as well. MSI is showing off a couple of the concept devices that it will have at CES 2011 ahead of the official start of the show.

The concepts include the MSI Butterfly and Angelow. The Butterfly is an AIO device that has a screen that can be repositioned. It appears that the screen can be angled so you can look down at it for things like drawing. The multitouch panel has 10 touch points and might be perfect for the graphics design people out there.

The Angelow is also an AIO with a modern looking design. The main feature on this unit is a thin display. It's not clear, if these are pure concepts or if they will eventually make it to production. Neither of them have features or designs that are out of the realm of possibility.