M:Robe Can Finally Run Linux

Olympus's M:Robe digital video player has accomplished a feat that only a few well-known digital video players have accomplished; Getting it hacked to run Linux. This was accomplished by a firmware crack artist named Shirour.

Kernel version 2.6.15 of Linux was run on the M:Robe by Shirour. "Wasted job hours" went into creating drivers for features such as the touchscreen. All the links and files can be found on M:Robe's unofficial fan site, mrobe.org.

Take a look at the site, but if you don't want to void your warranty, then don't put Linux on the device. For those of you who want to have some fun, go ahead, but if something goes wrong, I told ya so!

Olympus M:Robe finally finds its calling: running Linux [Via: Engadget]