Mr. Henry car horn lets you beep messages at others

Your car has a horn, and in this day and age that horn has one meaning: I'm upset. Of course, that might not always be your intention, and sometimes you have to take to the horn for other reasons — maybe to warn someone about something you suspect they haven't seen. You've only the horn as your option, though, and so you shelve your message and move on, knowing in some places a friendly beep might instigate a not-so-friendly case of road rage. Thusly enters Mr. Henry, a crowdfunding project that comes in the form of a connected speaker, an app, and whatever phrases you feel like recording.

Mr. Henry is a smallish wireless speaker that connects to the underside of your car and communicates with a mobile app you install on your smartphone. That app comes with pre-recorded messages, ones of a plain and noble nature. If you're feeling mischievous, though, you can record your own instead.

The app includes seven slots for custom messages, each of which will become a button the user presses to make the speaker talk. "Pardon me, my good friend," "You are slightly in my way, benevolent creature", and such are all among the pre-recorded messages. Of course, if someone records nasty messages the speaker could be more obnoxious than an ambiguous car horn.

The folks behind Mr. Henry are hoping to fund the product on Kickstarter, where they are seeking $29,000 USD and have so far raised about $650 with nearly a month remaining. A pledge of $49 USD will get backers a single horn, while $90 USD will net two horns. Shipping to backers is estimated to start in February 2016.

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VIA: Digital Trends

SOURCE: Kickstarter