MpowerD Solar-powered waterproof Lantern hands-on

Cory Gunther - Jan 8, 2013, 11:10pm CST
MpowerD Solar-powered waterproof Lantern hands-on

For those who are always in need of a little light while camping, we have just the device for you. MpowerD has introduced a solar-powered lantern they’re calling Luci. Luci is “the little solar lantern with a big impact” and we’re actually really liking this neat idea. Essentially this is a fully waterproof and lightweight lantern that only needs the sun for a charge, and will last up to 12 hours.

Luci is unique and what the company calls “solar justice” and the reason behind that is many solar devices don’t seem to work as advertized, or always take forever to charge. MpowerD’s little lantern is only about 5-6 inches tall, and almost something you’d find floating in the pool during the summer months. For those granola types who are always out camping, you’ll want to check this out.

Luci puts out 1200 lumens of bright light using LEDs, and will last anywhere from 8-12 hours depending on charge. Using a few extremely durable and lightweight solar panels you’ll have a full 8-12 hours of light in just 4 hours charge time. Take it camping and charge her up at night, then use Luci to keep camp bright all night long. With a clear plastic round design the light emits in all directions, and Luci states she’ll brighten a 15 square foot area for hours.

“Just charge in the sun, open, and light up your world.”

MpowerD’s new little lantern that is powered by the sun has a few awesome things going for it. It’s extremely lightweight, durable, and completely collapsible to be under an inch tall and smaller than your hand. Then open it up and light up your world — as they say. For the low price of $15.99 Luci can be lighting up your campsite all summer long. It features low, high, and SOS emergency settings with the touch of a button. I’ll be taking this little lantern on a few mountain bike trips this summer. That is for sure.

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