MPAA doesn’t want Megaupload data transferred

Shane McGlaun - Apr 3, 2012, 5:31 am CDT
MPAA doesn’t want Megaupload data transferred

Not long ago the hosting company based in Virginia where Megaupload stored the 25 PB of data customers have uploaded sought relief from the courts. While Megaupload and its founder Kim Dotcom had been battling in court, the hosting company claims it is spending $9000 a day to retain the massive amount of data. The hosting company, Carpathia, had previously sought to get the courts to offer it some relief from the massive costs until the court case was decided.

The MPAA has noted that while it doesn’t necessarily mind if Carpathia turns the servers off, it is objecting to any transfer of the data. According to the MPAA, any transfer of data could result in a relaunch of the Megaupload website. According to the MPAA, it has learned that Carpathia plans to sell the data back to with all film and TV content intact.

The MPAA claims ownership of much of the content on the Megaupload servers and believes the distribution of the material by sale or transfer would be a violation of rights. The MPAA fears that the only reason Megaupload and the co-defendants would offer to purchase 25,000 servers from Carpathia that host their data would be to put themselves in the position to relaunch Megaupload in the future.

[via Hollywood Reporter]

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