mp3 RC robot skater

"What's that you've got there, little Johnny?""Oh, hi mister Tom, it's a robot skateboarder!  He has an mp3 player attached to its leg to listen to while he skates around, and there's a USB and SD memory card slot too!""No, Johnny, I meant that cigarette in your other hand.  Come on, let's go and find your mother""Dammit, no college fund for me!"This is just an example of the scene I didn't witness this morning on the way into work, but I could've seen it had ZELOX's RC Skate-Botz toys been available.  The plasticy-looking figures trundle round on wheels and play music via the in-built mp3 player.

Will kids want them?  I guess it depends on price, and the speed that other – better – robot toys come to market.  Personally I'm not impressed, but then I'm not 12.

ZELOX International to present a toy-robot featuring mp3 player 'Skate-Botz' [AVING]