MP3 player headphones from Halloa

Tired of carrying around your MP3 player and your headphones? Wouldn't it be easier if they just built the MP3 player into the headphones?

During the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2007 Halloa showed of a device that is just that. The MP3 player is nestled into one side of the headphones. It will accept SD/MMC cards and USB flash drives. Though I'm not sure that you'd want to walk around with a thumb drive sticking out of your headphones, but it's a good thought.

My only complaint is that these are some pretty big headphones. I'm sure that they produce great sound and cancel out a good deal of the noise around you, but when I'm listening to my MP3 player I tend to use my earbuds. They're much easier to carry around and don't look as goofy. When will they manage to cram an MP3 player inside of those?

Halloa to present its headphone-type mp3 player [via aving]