MP3 Player Concept Design Puts Touchscreen Display with Sports Body

When it comes to MP3 players, having a favorite is just like anything else. Usually, when it comes to the market, Apple's iPod usually has the choke hold. But, sometimes having that MP3 player just doesn't work when you're trying to work out, or go for a run. And, having that "sporty" MP3 player usually means it's not attractive to show off to anyone. So, thanks to one designer, we've now got a concept design to combine both worlds.

Designer Paul Rothwell has drawn up the idea of a functional MP3 player that not only looks good, but can be used while you're working out. Featuring an attractive, slightly curved touchscreen, there's a sliding control that will let you choose which function you want, at any given time. You can switch it over to a timer, if you want, and have the display show you how far you've run, the time elapsed, as well as how many calories you've burnt.

While you're in the running mode, the GPS tracker will aide you in showing you all of the collected information. There's a sensor on the side of the device, so that as you hold it, it will track your heart rate. And, while those may look like a weapon, they're actually rubber, and make it easier for you to hold onto your device.

[via The Design Blog]