Mozilla trading Firefox OS phones for HTML5 apps

Firefox OS Developer Preview handsets have been available on a limited basis up until this point. Most notably, retailer Geeksphone had quickly run through some inventory back in April. As of today however, it looks like Mozilla is going to be giving some away for free. Or more to the point, Mozilla has launched the 'Phones for Apps for Firefox OS' initiative.

This means HTML5 developers could potentially score a free handset. The device up for grabs is the Geeksphone Keon, which is the orange handset in the above image. This particular device features a 3.5-inch HVGA display, 1GHz Snapdragon A1 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot and 3 megapixel rear-facing camera. The Keon normally sells for $119.

Handset specifics aside, Mozilla is looking to boost the availability of apps before the official launch. At present they have said Firefox OS phones will be available in "select" markets this summer. As part of this initiative they are looking for apps that deal with everything from tools and utilities to games as well as news, sports, travel, entertainment, social and more. Basically, just about everything.

This will be open to those who are already developing as well as those who have an idea in mind and are ready to begin the process. Regardless of the phase you are in, Mozilla has said you will need to apply for entry into the program. The application process involves sharing details about your app (or app idea) and letting them know that you have the experience to make it happen. Otherwise, Mozilla is urging developers to move fast as their " launch dates are approaching fast."

[via Mozilla]