Mozilla releases Firefox 3.1 Beta 2

Staff Editor - Dec 8, 2008, 8:24pm CST
Mozilla releases Firefox 3.1 Beta 2

As we suspected, Mozilla announced the availability of the new Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 this afternoon. This version is available on Mozilla’s Beta download page in 55 different languages.  The 3.1 Beta 2 exceeds any previous expectations that we had as far as added features.

One of the new features included in this version is Private Browsing mode (aka Porn Mode), they state that it would be “perfect for online holiday shopping,” but we all know the extent of what it will be used for. Also, new functions will be added to easily remove your browsing history for your last few hours of browsing, or completely remove all traces of a single website making it easy to hide where you have been.

Mozilla also made it so the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine is now on by default for web content. New support was also given to web worker threads for running web app processing tasks in the background, and performance enhancements. While this Beta version is not something everyone will go out and download, this is a big version for developers with the addition of features that will arrive with the full release in early 2009.

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