Mozilla Demos Video Chat App For Firefox

Mozilla has been experimenting with integrating social features directly into its Firefox browser, recently demoing a built-in video chat service. The web app uses the open-source WebRTC standard to establish the video call connection and a SocialAPU add-on, built on Javascipt and HTML for audio and video streaming capabilities that previously relied on proprietary plugins, such as Flash.

Still in its early stages, the app looks very basic and only allows calls to be made between two users that are signed in with BrowserID, or also known now as Persona. The video chat can be started directly in the browser and a buddy list of currently signed-in users is displayed in the sidebar.

The video chat app runs on a modified version of Mozilla's Firefox desktop web browser that includes simulations of various APIs that are still being standardized. It also supports WebRTC, which Mozilla plans to introduce to Firefox in the next few months.

[via Wired]