Moxi unveils 3-tuner HD DVR and slashes prices

One of the things that I wish for on a weekly basis is an extra tuner for my DVR. Two tuners sounds like enough, but a third would be welcome many nights. We have talked about Moxi products before when the Moxi Mate tipped up back in August.

Moxie has announced a new three tuner HD DVR that allows users to record three programs while they watch a fourth. The new HD DVR has a 500GB HDD and can be upgraded to 6TB of storage via external eSATA devices. The DVR sells for $799 in a kit bundled with a Moxi Mate.

Moxi has also reduced prices on its older DVRs with the Moxi Mate getting a cut price to $299. The three tuner HD DVR is available in a three-room pack as well with the DVR and a pair of Moxi mate devices for $999. The DVRs require no monthly charges to use.