Movies Anywhere Screen Pass beta expands, but you still need an invite

In mid-March, movie locker service Movies Anywhere announced a new closed beta feature called Screen Pass that enables users to share eligible movies with their friends and family. This feature is available on a large number of titles, including ones purchased from services like iTunes, Prime Video, and Vudu. In an announcement on Tuesday, Movies Anywhere revealed that it is expanding Screen Pass into a new open beta.READ: Movies Anywhere beta Screen Pass feature lets users share content

The response to the Screen Pass feature was described as very positive, spurring the fast-tracking of this new open beta. During this time, Movies Anywhere users still require an invitation in order to get access to the sharing ability — users can sign up in hopes of getting one of those invites on the Movies Anywhere website here.

Someone who has access to Screen Pass can, under the open beta, send an invitation to watch a movie for anyone to accept, not just people who are participating in the beta. Only beta users can send these Screen Pass invites at this time, but doing so has a unique impact on the feature's overall availability.

Movies Anywhere has decided to implement this system in such a way that additional people get access to Screen Pass in a viral fashion. Put simply, someone who receives an open beta invite can send an invitation to watch a movie from their own collection.

The individual who accepts this Scree Pass invitation will then get access to the Screen Pass feature themselves, enabling them to send their own invite to someone else. This will cause the availability to slowly expand among users who are utilizing the feature. Only certain movies available through Movies Anywhere can be shared using Screen Pass.