MoviePass stops covering some popular AMC theaters

Behind the limelight, the entertainment industry has always been a messy, sometimes even ugly one. But perhaps few expected that mess to extend even to movie theaters and tickets. But as this confusing turn of events prove, that is exactly the case. MoviePass subscribers have suddenly found themselves unable to use the service to purchase tickets at certain AMC theaters, and neither MoviePass nor AMC seem to be willing to give a direct answer as to why.

The relationship between MoviePass and AMC has always been rocky. MoviePass' business model, which let moviegoers buy a single ticket per day for a flat monthly subscription fee, may not have sat well with many movie theater companies, AMC included. The two eventually came to an agreement, but it seems it was short-lived. Or was it?

What is confusing customers is that MoviePass works in some AMC venues but not in others. Theaters that are reported to no longer be covered by the service include Empire 25, Universal City Walk, AMC Loews Boston Common, and AMC Century Plaza. The only way for subscribers to know which ones work and which ones don't is to double check the app, hopefully before they find out too late at the theater lobby.

Neither company is giving a direct answer as to what is happening, but the tension is thick in both their vague answers. MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe was quoted to have simply said that the list of theaters is always subject to change based on mutually beneficial relationships with theaters. Which is another way of saying that they're able to agree on a price point. He doesn't specifically mention AMC.

AMC's Twitter support account, on the other hand, is washing its hands clean. No, it isn't blocking access to MoviePass, it says. It is a unilateral move from MoviePass and MoviePass users should contact MoviePass instead.

VIA: Deadline