Moviefone call-in service to shut down

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 24, 2014
Moviefone call-in service to shut down

Joining the list of things starting to make you feel old, Moviefone, the service that allowed movie-goers to call in for show times, will be going the same way as cassette tapes and payphones. News of this surfaced over the weekend, with callers being told the service will shut down soon and to download the app instead.

The reason for the closure is both obvious and expected: changing technologies and consumer preferences mean most gravitate towards apps and other connected sorts of digital flora, leaving the call-in service will less users over time and less purpose in the grand scheme of things.

When Moviefone will go the way of other now-outdated technology isn’t known, with callers only being told, “The 777-FILM numbers will no longer be in service in the near future.” Instead of calling, users are now being encouraged to download the Moviefone app, which will provided movie showtime information, as well as allowing users to purchase tickets.

Said BermanBraun’s Jeff Berman, “The call-in service has been in pretty steady decline. Our customers are much more interested in our award-winning app, and we need to invest our resources in the future, part of which involves a major reimagining of Moviefone.” Additional details about how that reimaging will take place has not been provided, however.

SOURCE: New York Times

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