Mountain Lion launch expected on July 25th

Apple has been pushing out updates to Mountain Lion slowly but steadily, and now that the Gold Master version of the update has been seeded, a retail release is just around the corner. 9to5Mac believes that Apple may be planning to release the final version of Mountain Lion to the public on July 25th, pointing to information that shows the company is planning an "overnight" for retail stores on the 24th.

The website also points out how the date would coincide with Apple's Q3 '12 earnings report. Last year, Apple held its Q3 '11 results on July 19th and announced the July 20th release date of OS X Lion during the call. Apple's Q3 '12 results are due on July 24th, which may point towards a July 25th launch when paired with the "overnight" information.

So what does an "overnight" entail at an Apple store? The staff will essentially be installing Mountain Lion on all the Macs found in stores. When you think about how many Macs there are in Apple stores, you can imagine how long the process takes. 9to5Mac notes, however, that some retail stores haven't heard about an "overnight". Still, Apple has indicated that Mountain Lion will launch "in July", so there's not long to go.