Motorola Xoom $1200 Best Buy Pre-Order Page Pulled

Best Buy had published an ad on their site for taking pre-orders on the Motorola Xoom listing it at $1200. This seemed way over-priced, double that of an entry-level iPad, and much more than the anticipated but already hefty $800 price point. However, today, it seems that Best Buy has pulled the ad. What's going on?

The listing link here took us to a page as shown in the screenshot above. But clicking on it today shows us a page not found. We pondered whether the original $1200 listing was just a typo by the person updating Best Buy's website or if the initial high price was purposely set to make a later price drop seem like a greater deal.

Either way, if Motorola Xoom really wants to compete with the iPad, it has to find a middle ground. Its hardware specs along with running Android 3.0 Honeycomb has got the iPad beat, but for most consumers that may not be worth paying double the price.

[Via PCMag]