Motorola X-Phone pops up in job listing

Eric Abent - Jan 31, 2013, 2:37pm CST
Motorola X-Phone pops up in job listing

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about the Motorola X-Phone, but it seems that Motorola itself just confirmed the device. Motorola has a job listing for a Senior Director of Product Management up on LinkedIn, and in the job listing, it refers to the X-Phone by name. After Phandroid spotted the listing, it seems that Motorola has made it inactive, which adds a bit more mystery to the rumors we’ve been hearing.

After all, Motorola could have filled the position, but it also may have taken the listing down because someone made a mistake and mentioned the X-Phone before the company was ready to talk about it. Either way, the fact that this job ad was posted by Motorola Mobility and mentions the X-Phone by name will be enough confirmation for some folks. Unfortunately, since the listing is no longer active, the amount of new information we can get from it is next to nothing.

However, that may not be all that bad, as Phandroid says the listing didn’t contain much information to begin with. The one thing that was pointed out is that the listing made it sound like the X-Phone is still in the early development process, when the rumors we’ve been hearing say it’s close to finished. Perhaps the sources of these rumors were mistaken and Motorola is just now beginning to ramp up production on the X-Phone?

Whatever is going on, the X-Phone is rumored to be the first team up between Motorola and Google. It’s said to come with a 5-inch screen and maybe even running Android 4.5 or 5.0, which is definitely exciting. As always, you should take every rumor with a grain of salt – including this one – but it seems that Motorola may just be working to bring us the fabled X-Phone. Stay tuned.

[via Android Community]

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