Motorola unveils new H17txt with MotoSpeak Bluetooth headset

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One of the worst things that a driver can do while flying down the road at 70mph is try and read or send text messages. Despite how dangerous we all know that is people still do it commonly. I once saw a teenage girl texting with one hand while putting on makeup with the other and steering with her knee going down the road.

Motorola has a new headset that is designed to help those who get lots of text messages keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. The headset is called the H17txt with MotoSpeak. The big feature of the headset is that it has text-to-speech technology built in that pairs with an application and allows the device to read texts to you when they come in.

The app also lets you have automated responses ready to reply to a text with. The headset also reads the caller ID info of the person calling you so you know who is on the line without having to look down. Motorola isn't clear what devices the application will work with, but Android is one of the platforms. The device will land in April on Verizon Wireless.