Motorola unveils LS700, LS420 Duo, LS 720D Duo, LS1000, and LS1000W digital picture frames

Each year when the holiday season rolls around there are a glut of new digital photo frames that are introduced for holiday shopping. Digital frames are very popular gifts and this year Motorola has unveiled a completely new line of digital frames including the LS700, LS420 Duo, LS720D Duo, LS1000, and LS1000W.

The new line has been unveiled first in Europe. The LS700 is a 7-inch basic model with a 480 x 234 resolution selling for £49.99. The LS420 Duo is a frame with dual 4.2-inch screens that can both show images or one can show a calendar while the other shows images. Each screen has a resolution of 234 x 202 and the frame sells for £79.99.

The LS720D Duo is another dual screen frame but this one has 7-inch screens with resolutions of 800 x 480. The device sells for £129.99 and has 512MB of internal memory. The LS1000 is a 10-inch frame with 800 x 600 resolution and 512MB of internal memory. It sells for £149.99 and features a remote control. The LS1000W is also a 10-inch frame with integrated Wi-Fi and can send and receive photos via email without a PC. It sells for £199.99 and has 512MB of internal memory.