Motorola shows off a sexy new phone called Zante

So Motorola may have have an iPhone killer up their sleeves after all. Of course by "iPhone Killer" I mean that it looks cool, but won't sway many people from buying an iPhone.

I'll admit, I like the color scheme. If you carried one of these around, you'd probably turn more than a few heads. The sliding keyboard is nice, but it looks like since it doesn't have a touchscreen, you'll need to use the numbers along the top of the keyboard for dialing, that's no good.

You'll get media playback, Bluetooth support, push email and a speedy EDGE connection from T-Mobile. That right there would be a deal-breaker for me, I've got to have 3G. The price tag isn't too bad at $269. Overall, it really doesn't look like a bad phone for the price.

Motorola Zante Going T-Mobile EDGE [via ministryoftech]