Motorola Shadow HDMI and OMAP3630 CPU confirmed in new leak

It looks like it's the week for Motorola Shadow leaks; after being purportedly left in a gym yesterday, the Android handset destined for Verizon's network has been snapped again, this time showing off its side-mounted HDMI connectivity.  The photo is the handiwork of HowardForums member wnrussell, who confirms the 4.1-inch touchscreen display and 8-megapixel camera.

He also claims the Shadow has 8GB of internal storage, augmented by a microSD card slot.  As for the processor, that's a 700MHz OMAP3630, so a little slower than what we're used to from some big-screen Android flagships, but also a little faster than the Motorola DROID.

In terms of hand-feel, wnrussell reckons the Shadow is lighter than the DROID, likely a result of them dropping the hardware QWERTY keyboard and all the necessary slide-mechanism around it.  Still no official word on a release, but we've previously heard talk of a launch as soon as June or July.

[via Android Community]